About Us

Vital Records Online was created when we realized what a hassle it can be to get copies of your own important government certificates.

Every state, county, and local government has its own regulations, and it’s nearly impossible to figure out who you even need to contact to get a copy of a birth, marriage, or death certificate. 

We simplified the process of applying for these certificates

So, we spent years analyzing over 10,000 different applications and building an extensive database of the different rules and regulations for over 3,000 states and counties across the U.S. We wanted to ensure that we could provide accurate assistance to anyone in America.

Then we simplified the process of applying for these certificates, making it as easy as possible. We also hired trained specialists who understand the ins and outs of the application process and are available to assist you with any questions or issues. They review every application and make sure to use the right application and office for the fastest processing times and accurate filing.

You can get your documents from the comfort of your own home

As a result, we developed the simplest, most convenient way to apply for a birth, marriage, or death certificate. All you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire, then we take it from there.

We complete all the necessary paperwork and assemble a full application package, customized to meet your unique needs.We send you the application package and clear instructions on how to submit it. Then you put all the documents into the provided prepaid, trackable envelope and drop it in the mailbox. After that, you can sit back and wait for your certificate to come to you. No time-consuming research and no trip to a government office necessary. You can get your documents from the comfort of your own home.

Vital Records Online is the best service to turn to when you need copies of your vital records.

We assist you with navigating the complex application processes. Our service is:

Safe and Reliable

Over the last five years, more than 200,000 people across the U.S. have trusted us to help them obtain their important documents.


We have experts available to assist you from 9am to 6pm EST, Monday through Friday. If you need help with your application, just call or message us and we’ll walk you through it.


We provide you with everything you need to apply for your vital records, and we get your application ready quickly and correctly.

Is Vital Records Online Secure?

Absolutely! We take your privacy and data security very seriously. So we made sure that our website is protected by the latest 256-bit SSL encryption technology. Your sensitive information will be encrypted from the moment you fill out your application.

To protect you even more, we use high-end server hosting with dedicated servers here in the U.S. We also adhere to all PCI compliance requirements to keep your credit card and banking information safe. Your payment information goes straight to our United States merchant processing center, and we do not save your banking data. The only things we keep on file are the last four digits of your credit card number and the expiration date. We are required to keep this information in the event of a transaction request from your bank.

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We promise that we will never share your data or sell it to a third party. Your information is kept safely in our database, and we only keep the data that we need to complete your application package and communicate with you.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us or view our privacy policy here. If you would like to remove your information from our database, you can send a request to ******, and we will permanently delete your data. However, we are legally required to keep transaction information for one year to respond to any transaction requests from banks.

Is Vital Records Online Legitimate?

Yes, we are a valid service designed to simplify the process of obtaining important certificates. We operate in the United States and employ American staff to process applications and assist our customers. Learn more >

We are not the only way to obtain vital government documents, but we are the easiest, fastest, and most convenient. Our service can help you get a:

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

You can, of course, get these documents yourself by researching your state and local regulations and determining which government office you need to visit. Then you can fill out the confusing forms, drive there, and stand in line, only to find out that you didn’t bring the right documents. We eliminate all of that wasted time and hassle by assembling your complete application package for you. We use our extensive database to make sure that your application complies with your local government rules, and we let you know exactly which documents you will need to provide with your application. You’ll get a complete, error-free application and clear instructions on how to submit it. We even provide a prepaid, trackable envelope for you to send it all in.

Our service allows you to apply for the certificate you need from the comfort of your own home. You’ll save time and eliminate the headache of dealing with government offices. Our service is safe, efficient, and the most convenient way of applying for your important documents.

Start Your Application for Only $49!

Our fees include the preparation fee, shipping labels and unlimited support. Get your Vital Records Application Documents from your Home or your office.