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At Vital Records Online, we strive to provide efficient and accurate vital record services to our valued customers. Our refund policy is designed to address various scenarios while maintaining transparency and fairness in our dealings. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our refund policy guidelines.

General Refund Policy

Vital Records Online utilizes the information provided by users on its website to pre-fill application documents and facilitate the submission of applications to the Health Department (depending on the selected package). While we are committed to assisting you throughout this process, please be aware that we are not responsible for any errors or inaccuracies in the information you provide. In the event that such errors or inaccuracies lead to a failure to receive your vital record, no refund will be issued.

However, we prioritize user satisfaction, and in certain limited circumstances, we do offer a full refund within 120 days from the date of purchase under the following conditions:

  • Non-Receipt: If you did not receive the package.
  • Unusable Package: If you were unable to use the application package.
  • Out of Stock: If your ordered item is not available.
  • Service Unfulfilled: If Vital Records Online is unable to fulfill the order.
  • Dissatisfaction: If you were overall unsatisfied with the services rendered.

In these situations, you will receive a refund for the entire amount you have paid.

Special Policies for Expedited Packages

To expedite the processing and delivery of your vital records, you may opt for packages such as Standard Delivery, Rush Order, Send to State Health Department, or Send to County Health Department Office. These packages come at an additional cost due to the accelerated service they provide. As a result, they are subject to additional refund policies:

  • Completed Application: If you choose to proceed with your application and we have already sent it to the Health Department or if you have received your vital records, we will be unable to process any refund.

Special Policies for Send to California Health Department Package

Given that the Send to California Health Department Package involves electronic processing, refunds are not available after your information has been confirmed and signed by you.

For Packages with Online Notaries

If you choose to cancel your application after completing the online notary process, and we have not yet expedited your application, please note that we are unable to refund the $25 notary fee. This fee cannot be refunded as notary services are not included in our package and are provided by a third party.

Application Rejection by the Health Department

In the event that the Health Department rejects your application due to an error made by us, you will have two options:

  • Error Correction: We will rectify the error without any additional charges.
  • Partial Refund: You can opt for a refund of your package cost, minus the $25 shipping cost incurred in sending your application to the Health Department. Please note that we cannot process the refund until we receive the return of the money order, which you will receive along with your returned application.

Non-Refundable Fees

Please be aware of the following non-refundable fees:

  • Online Notary Fees of $25: These fees are non-refundable if the notary process has been initiated. This fee cannot be refunded as notary services are not included in any of our packages and are provided by a third party.
  • Rush Shipping Fees of $25: If we have already mailed the application to the Health Department, the rush shipping fees become non-refundable.

For any inquiries regarding your application package or if your refund request does not align with the scenarios mentioned above, please feel free to contact our billing department here. We are here to assist you and address any concerns you may have. Your satisfaction is important to us, and we appreciate your trust in Vital Records Online.

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