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Vital records online compliance

Unlock the power of streamlined vital records management for your business with our comprehensive suite of services.

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Vital records online compliance
  • Free Filing Tech

    Free Filing Tech

    Say goodbye to costly filing fees with our complimentary filing technology. Our user-friendly platform allows you to process applications for free, eliminating the financial burden often associated with vital records requests

  • Custom Requirements Analysis

    Custom Requirements Analysis

    Gain valuable insights from our unique (complete) vital records application requirements in every state and most counties in America. If you file the application yourself, obtain complimentary custom and detailed requirements instructions for every vital records application.

  • Centralized Interface

    Centralized Interface

    Say goodbye to juggling multiple platforms and streamline your vital records management with our centralized interface. Easily manage and track multiple applications from one convenient location, saving you time and effort.

  • Lower Cost Shipping Option

    Lower Cost Shipping Option

    Enjoy affordable shipping solutions with our lower-cost shipping options. Whether you're sending vital records documents domestically or internationally, our competitive shipping rates ensure cost-effective delivery for your business

  • Vital Records Data Access via API

    Vital Records Data Access via API

    Gain access to our powerful API, allowing you to integrate vital records data directly into your existing systems. Access information such as state requirements, authorized requestors, and vital records availability at Vital Record offices, all available for a fee.

  • 15% VRO Full Service Fee Discount

    15% VRO Full Service Fee Discount

    As a valued business partner, enjoy an exclusive discount of 15% on our vital records services, helping you save on essential expenses

  • Time-saving Features

    Time-saving Features

    Expedite the application process for your clients by pre-filling your information directly onto their vital records applications. This time-saving feature ensures accuracy and efficiency, enhancing your overall service delivery.

  • Advanced FAQ Access

    Advanced FAQ Access

    Our extensive FAQ section, specifically tailored to address the unique needs and inquiries of businesses. Find answers to common questions and solutions to potential challenges, empowering you to navigate the vital records process with confidence.

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  • Family Group Requests

    Family Group Requests

    Simplify the process of requesting vital records for multiple family members with our family group request feature. Easily submit and track applications for an entire family, ensuring a seamless experience for your clients.

  • Power of Attorney (POA) Interface

    Power of Attorney (POA) Interface

    Streamline the request process by submitting applications on behalf of your clients using our intuitive POA request interface. This user-friendly feature simplifies the submission process, allowing you to act as an authorized agent for your clients.

  • Online Notarization

    Online Notarization

    Expedite the notarization process with our secure online platform. Our online notarization feature allows you to verify and authenticate documents digitally, eliminating the need for traditional in-person notarization services.

  • Apostille and Vital Records Advanced Packages

    Apostille and Vital Records Advanced Packages

    Choose from a range of specialized packages to meet your unique business needs. Whether you require apostille services or advanced vital records processing, our customizable packages have you covered.

  • Multiple Application Management

    Multiple Application Management

    Effortlessly manage multiple vital records applications through our intuitive interface. Track the status of each application, monitor progress, and receive real-time updates, all from one centralized platform.

  • Fast Shipping Option

    Fast Shipping Option

    Shipping label creation with different shipping options based on the urgency your clients have to receive their vital records.

How It Works

  • Request Business Form

    Complete our "Request Business" form to express your interest in partnering with us.

  • Review by Sales Team

    Our dedicated sales team will reach out to discuss your business needs in detail, ensuring a tailored solution that meets your requirements.

  • Special Business Access

    Upon approval, gain access to our special business interface, designed specifically for your organization's needs.

  • Navigate and Schedule

    Navigate the interface with ease and schedule vital records applications seamlessly. Our user-friendly platform empowers you to manage applications efficiently, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional service to your clients.

Partnering with us means gaining access to a wealth of resources and expertise dedicated to simplifyng the vital records process for your business. Join us today and experience the benefits of seamless vital records management firsthand.

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Vital records online PCI complianceVital records online HIPAA compliance

PCI + HIPAA Compliance

Vital records online compliance

Our commitment to protecting our customers' personal data by adhering to current PCI and HIPAA standards ensures to keep your private health and payment information secure and confidential.

Companies like ours need to maintain HIPAA and PCI security compliance. We use the latest security measures and practices to keep your data safe through every step of the process.

Vital records online compliance