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We offer tailored solutions for government agencies, streamlining vital records processes with efficient application handling, secure ID verification, and seamless document management via batch processing or electronic delivery.

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About Us

VRO LLC was created in the United States in 2018. It is registered in several states, including Delaware, Florida, and California, and officially approved by the California Department of Public Health.

Each state, county, and local government has specific requirements. VRO provides a complete experience to customers looking to delegate this process and top-of-the-line customer service to ensure error-free submissions to any agency.


Assist our customers by providing a streamlined application process and top-of-the-line customer service to ensure error-free submissions to the corresponding vital record agency.


Our goal for 2025 is to partner with more states officially, anchor our presence, and increase our reputation among industry professionals.

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PCI + HIPAA Compliance

Over 500,000 U.S. citizens have securely obtained certified copies of their family's vital records online with us. We've increased security with SSL encryption, PCI, and HIPAA compliances to ensure safety when using our applications and checkout system.

We are dedicated to protecting our customer's personal data. As such, we comply with current PCI and HIPAA requirements. This commitment allows us to ensure that your private health and payment information remains secure and confidential.

Companies like ours need to maintain HIPAA and PCI security compliance. We use the latest security measures and practices to keep your data safe through every step of the process.

Vital records online compliance
Vital records online Norton complianceVital records online SSL complianceVital records online PCI complianceVital records online HIPAA compliance
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Vital records online compliance
Vital records online Norton complianceVital records online SSL complianceVital records online PCI complianceVital records online HIPAA compliance
  • Time & Costs SavingsTime & Costs Savings

    Thanks to our streamlined online application, VRO’s advanced system and specialists will ensure that applications are error-free and that provided IDs are valid and match your application requirements.

    We send orders in batches, by regular mail or electronic delivery, with a single payment using the method of your choice.

    We handle all our customers’ requests during their journey to obtain their vital records.

  • ID VerificationID Verification

    We partner with one of the market's most reputable identity verification software providers, which complies with CIP and KYC requirements. We have the capability to match the applicant’s information with trust sources such as DMV or Public records and detect any potential fraud. In addition, we can offer live facial recognition to ensure the applicant's authenticity.

    For States requiring notarization/sworn statements, we have partnered with the industry leader,, to ensure a seamless and secure online notarization process. If that is not an option for our applicants, we will provide a list of the closest in-person notaries.

  • Data VerificationData Verification

    Upon request, we can enhance our data verification with additional data applicant information requests and advanced screening.

    With this extra layer of verification, we guarantee valid customer data.

How we improve the workflow?
  • 01
    We mail our applications in one daily batch
    • A simple solution that doesn't require any technical integration.
    • We can provide one payment of your choice for that batch, reducing processing time on your end.
    • Online notarizations are available to add a layer of authenticity/security to all applications.
  • OR
  • 02
    We send our applications electronically
    • We can send our applications electronically using the technology of your choice. We have made successful connections using partners’ APIs, secure FTPs, and encrypted files.
    • Payments can also be remitted in daily batches using your preferred method.
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Electronical applications

How does it work?

  • 01
    Link IntegrationWe provide a unique link tailored for your website, seamlessly directing visitors to Vital Records Online.
  • 02
    Form Submission and PaymentUsers fill out our online application form and complete the payment process.
  • 03
    Application ReviewOur team meticulously reviews the submitted information. If any clarifications or corrections are needed, our dedicated customer support contacts the applicant promptly.
  • 04
    ID Verification or Online NotaryAs a crucial step in the review process, we verify the applicant's ID through trusted third-party platforms. If online notarization is required, we use one of our trusted online notary partners.
  • 05
    Send Applications to the AgencyWe forward the vital record request to your agency, along with the necessary payment transfer, in your preferred file format.
  • 06
    Certificate Issuance and DeliveryWith the pre-verified request in hand, your agency can now issue the certificate and promptly dispatch it to the applicant.
Our Partners
  • The California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

    The California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

    Since July 2022, VRO LLC has been an approved independent contractor that electronically verifies applicants' identities and applications as authorized persons to receive a certified copy of a birth, death, or marriage record.
    The California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
    We have successfully integrated with the CDPH system to "e-file" applications.
  • We chose FedEx for its:

    We chose FedEx for its:

    • Nationwide service
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Delivery Speed
    • Trustworthiness
    • Processing capacity
    • Customer security
    We chose FedEx for its:
    Processing CenterHealth DepartmentCustomer
  • Integrated Online Notary Service:

    Integrated Online Notary Service:

    We chose an online notary service that prioritizes compliance, regulations, reliability, and usability. Their online notarization process is an excellent solution for completing our 100% online application. Vital record applications requiring notarization can now be online via Notarize's cutting-edge service.
    Integrated Online Notary Service:
    Applying for certified copies of vital records online has never been easier
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State fees and processing fee

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    There are no setup costs or monthly charges for government and agencies.
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    Free software access for non-profit organizations.
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    Our affordable processing fee matches the industry standard.
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    We can easily submit requests to your interface.
Additional options for our customers
  • Premium Customer SupportCustomers can obtain unlimited customer support via phone or chat for any questions or assistance they need regarding their application.
  • Next-Day Return Envelope (FedEx)We offer advanced shipping options to our customers to guarantee the safe and prompt delivery of their vital records.
  • Expedite ProcessingCustomers can get their requests processed faster, and their applications will be placed at the top of our pile.
  • Advance Application TrackingCustomers can follow the delivery of their application in real-time and track its progress with live notifications as soon as the agency starts processing it.
  • InsuranceIf the customer’s certificate is misplaced or lost, VRO will expedite a replacement request. The customer will only pay the state fees. The insurance covers our application processing fees only.