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Refund Policy

Vital Records Online uses the information users provide on its website to pre-fill your application documents. Vital Records Online is not responsible for any mistakes you may make or any inaccuracies in the information that you provide to us that may result in your failure to receive a Document. No refund will be issued should the above-mentioned circumstance occur.

Because user satisfaction is our priority, we do guarantee a full refund within 120 days from the date of purchase under the following limited circumstances:

(1) If you didn’t receive the package;or (2) you could not use the application package; (3) your order item is not available; or(4) Vital Records Online is not able to fulfill the order. In these circumstances, you will be refunded the entire amount you have paid.

Special Policies for Rush Packages:

In order to get your application in record time, you may obtain the premium package at an additional cost. This premium package involves a higher cost in order to get your application delivered in record time. Due to the higher costs associated with our Rush Packages, they have additional refund policies.

If you accepted to continue your application with us and we mailed your application to the Health Department or if you received your vital records, we won’t be able process any refund.

For packages with online notaries: If you decide to cancel your application after completing the online notary process and we didn’t yet expedite your application, we won’t be able to refund the notary fees of $25 from your package cost.

If the Health Department rejects your application because an error we made, you will have the option to let us fix the problem without any additional charges or to get a refund of your package cost minus the shipping cost of $25 to send your application to the health department. We won’t be able to process any refund until we receive the return of the money order that we provided to the Health Department, which you will receive with your returned application.

Non-Refundable fees:

Online Notary fees of $25- If submitted and processed

Rush Shipping fees of $25- If we mailed the application to the Health Department

For any questions regarding your application package or if your refund request is not listed above please contact our billing department at:

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