DMV Offices Are Reopening Across the Country After the COVID-19 Shutdown

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DMV Offices Are Reopening Across the Country After the COVID-19 Shutdown

All across the country, DMV offices were forced to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As many states return to a “new normal” and begin to implement Phase-2 public health procedures for essential and non-essential reopenings, DMV offices nationwide are beginning to open their doors to the public. Before you head out to your local DMV office, be prepared with all the required documentation you need in order to limit any potential exposure to COVID-19 while at the DMV.

Birth Certificate and Driver Licenses

In order to obtain a driver’s license in every state in the country, you must prove your identity. One common method to prove your identity is by providing DMV officials with a copy of your birth certificate. It is important that you have this information ready so the DMV office employees can process your request without delay.

Vital Records Online service can help you obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate with a simple online application process. In addition, you may also have the need to update your driver’s license to ensure that it is Real-ID compliant. In either case, if you are in need of a certified copy of your birth certificate Vital Records online can help you expedite the process of obtaining it. 

Safety Precautions

All over the country, DMV offices were forced to close all locations in order to protect public health. These offices will reopen in stages based on location, size, and service capacity in order to ensure the ability to maintain social distancing. In many, if not all, states, DMV customers will be required to stand six feet apart and wear a face mask. In addition, entry to DMV offices will likely be limited to half or less of the building’s normal operating capacity.

Be aware that as the country adjusts to these new reopening measures, DMV officials are advising that customers may experience extended wait times. Ensure that your wait time is not too long by arriving at the DMV office with your birth certificate and state-specific documentation required in hand in order to complete your transaction. 


The following transactions can be completed at DMV field office:

  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license reinstatement
  • Disabled person parking placard application
  • Endorsement to a driver’s license for an ambulance certificate or firefighter
  • Processing DMV customers for real ID transaction

DMV State Offices Opening Status

Last update: 06/16/2020

AlaskaAppointment Only
ArizonaAppointment Only
ArkansasAppointment Only
CaliforniaSelect Offices Open Appointment Only
ConnecticutAppointment Only
DelawareAppointment Only
District of ColumbiaAppointment Only
FloridaAppointment Only
GeorgiaAppointment Only
HawaiiAppointment Only
IdahoAppointment Only
IndianaAppointment Only
IowaAppointment Only
KansasAppointment Only
KentuckyClose – Online Only
LouisianaPartially Open – Check Specific Locations – Services Vary
MaineAppointment Only
MarylandAppointment Only
MassachusettsPartially Open – Check Specific Locations
MichiganClose – Online Only
MinnesotaPartially Open – Check Specific Locations – Services Vary
MississippiOpen – Limited Services
New HampshireAppointment Only
New JerseyClosed
New MexicoAppointment Only
New YorkMail/Drop Off Location Only
North CarolinaPartially Open – Check Specific Locations – Services Vary
North DakotaAppointment Only
OregonAppointment Only
PennsylvaniaPartially Open – Check Specific Locations – Services Vary
Rhode IslandAppointment Only
South CarolinaAppointment Only
South DakotaAppointment Only
TennesseeOpen – Limited Services
TexasAppointment Only
UtahAppointment Only
VermontAppointment Only
VirginiaAppointment Only
WashingtonOnline Only
West VirginiaAppointment Only
DMV Offices Open Status