FAQ About COVID-19 Impact on Vital Record Agencies

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Vital Record Agencies COVID19

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), many government agencies are reducing work staff, readjusting work schedules and closing field offices. Some vital record agencies are presenting delays in their processing time.

Will I experience long times when calling Vital Record Agencies?

Due to the mandatory Real ID driver’s license, there is currently an extraordinary demand for birth certificates. This created a backlog in many states and counties, which led to an increase in phone calls. As the COVID-19 unfolds, it is adding additional stress to the vital record agencies. With the government closing their offices to the public, the number of calls to vital record agencies has increased substantially. unfortunately, it has resulted in longer wait times.

  1. Will my vital record request experience delays due to the COVID-19?

    As agencies across the country struggle working with a reduced staff, we anticipate an increase in wait times for orders to be completed. We continue to monitor the processing times at the various agencies and will update our customers as the current times may continue to change.
    Please understand that vital records processing time may increase nation-wide (or state-wide if you are talking about a particular state). The states which have the office closed will have a longer processing time, but all applications will be processed in the order they were received.

  2. Can I order a birth, marriage or death certificate given the current situation?

    Yes, we will continue to process requests in the order they come in.

  3. How can I know the current status of my order If I have already placed an order?

    First, you should go to the customer login page. At this page, you have the ability to login and view the status of your order. Then, your login will be the email address and phone number you listed on your application as the contact email and contact phone number of the applicant. Finally, if you have any issues, please reach out to us with the “contact form”.

  4. How long will my order take to be processed?

    Due to the unprecedented circumstances, process times may vary by each particular agency. Changes in processing times may change quickly. We will continue to monitor processing times and kept you updated as they change.

What is the current situation on the Vital Record Agencies located in my state?

We have created a list with the vital record state agencies who have reported close or any change or delay in their processing time.

Last update: 03/20/2020

StateAgencyMail ProcessingUpdates
CaliforniaCalifornia Dept. of Public HealthYesState office does not have a walk-up window – some of the various counties are closed.
IllinoisIllinois Dept. of Public HealthNoOffice closed. Expect important delays.
IndianaIndiana State Dept. of HealthYesClosed to the public.
MassachusettsMassachusetts Vital RecordsYesClosed to the public.
MichiganMichigan Department of Health and Human ServicesYesClosed to the public.
MississippiMississippi State Department of HealthYesClosed to the public.
NevadaNevada Department of Health and Human ServicesNoOffice closed. Expect important delays.
New YorkNew York State Vital RecordsLimitedClosed to the public. Expect some delays.
OhioOhio Vital RecordsNoOffice closed. Expect important delays.
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Vital RecordsYesClosed to the public.
South DakotaSouth Dakota Department of HealthYesClosed to the public.
TexasTexas Department of State Health ServicesYesClosed to the public.
VirginiaVirginia Department of HealthYesClosed to the public.