How To Change Gender on Your Birth Certificate?

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Gender Change Birth Certificate

Have you ever thought about how to change your gender on your birth certificate? Each state in the U.S makes its own laws about birth certificates, and state courts vary in their applications. Most states permit the change of name and sex on birth certificates either through amending the existing birth certificate or by issuing a new one. However, some of these states require medical proof of sex reassignment surgery before they can change their birth certificate. Other states, such as Ohio and Tennessee as of June 2019 will not change the sex on a birth certificate. 

Amending the gender on a birth certificate can be a crucial process for a transgender individual the requirements and process to change the sex on a birth certificate, and whether that is even possible in your birth state. 

The process to change your gender on a Birth Certificate

  1. Contact the vital record office in your state of birth.
  2. Request the local gender change form.
  3. Pay the fee and patiently wait for an answer.

Although most small changes are acceptable without a court order, the ultimate decision is with the vital records office.

What documentation do you need to change your gender on your Birth Certificate?

In most cases you will need:

  1. An original certified copy of your birth certificate. You can order copies of your birth certificate online at if you are 21 or older.
  2. Some states such as the Florida Office of Vital Statistics policy allows for the change of sex designation on birth certificates upon the provision of a completed Application for Amended Birth Certificate and notarized Affidavit of Amendment to Certificate of Live Birth; a certified copy of a court order of name change; a affidavit from the physician who performed sex reassignment surgery, containing the medical license number, stating that you have completed sex reassignment according to appropriate medical procedures and that you are now considered to be a member of the reassigned gender; and the required fee.

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