How To Know If a Birth Certificate is Official?

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Official Copy of Birth Certificate

In the US, your birth certificate is a primary firm of identification and proof of citizenship. It is always better to have an official copy of your birth certificate when you are applying for:

  • Drivers License
  • Passport
  • Social Security Card
  • Paperworks

In addition, most schools require you to show an official birth certificate or certified copy to make sure your child is at the appropriate age to start kindergarten. If you need a copy of your birth certificate for any legal reason visit

How to identify a Certified Copy of Birth Certificate versus an Informational Birth Certificates

There is a difference between an official birth certificate and an informational birth certificate copy. You will need an official certificate when showing proof of your own or your child’s identity or age. To prove if someone is from a specific state, city or country, an informational copy would simply do the job. Usually, you can use it for genealogy or family history, but not for legal purposes.

Another difference is that the individuals who do not meet the legal requirements for a certified birth certificate can typically request a non-official informational or heirloom copy. Whereas in most states, only the person named on the certificate, or his relatives can order a certified copy.

Official Seal of a Birth Certificate

If you are not sure if your certificate is an official one, look for a government seal on them. It might be raised, into the paper as well as a signature of the state, county or city registrar on it.

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