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An affidavit of birth verifies, under oath, information about an individual’s birth. It may also be called a birth affidavit or affidavit for a birth certificate. The document may be submitted to the court, the state or another institution to provide a person’s birth information if their birth records are not complete or do not exist at all. 

You can use the U.S. Government form DS-10 to draw up an affidavit of birth when applying for a U.S. passport, visa, or other official documents if you do not have a complete birth record on file. However, you must include a photocopy of both sides of your photo ID, as well as an official statement issued by a relevant agency verifying that you do not have a complete birth record on file. In addition, the affidavit needs to be signed and notarized if you will be using it in place of a birth certificate.

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