Documents Needed To Open a Bank Account

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Documents Needed to Open Bank Account

Opening a new bank account is useful for more than just storing your money in a safe place. A fun fact is that a bank account statement can most certainly act as a form of identity and proof of residency too! Opening a bank account is fairly easy. While bank associates will walk you through the process of setting you up with your new account, bringing the right documents before you go can save you additional trips to the bank. Below is a list of what is require of you to open up your new bank account:

Proof of Identity:

The most common way to meet this requirement is to bring your driver’s license or a valid passport.

Verification of Personal Details:

You can bring your Social Security Card and your birth certificate. Though some banks may not require the formal documents as proof, but better safe than sorry. 

A parent:

Parents are required to co-sign if you are under the age of 18. It may vary from bank to bank.

Your partner or spouse:

If you are opening a joint bank account, you will need all account owners present. Each party should bring all of the above information as well.


This may vary depending upon the bank, but a typical opening deposit amount would be around $25 to $50. You will need to deposit a sum of money into the new bank account on that day.

Every offer differs from bank to bank, so we recommend you do your own research to determine which bank is right for you. Once you have determined which bank is right for you, think about whether you want a savings account, checking account, or both. Your bank associate will help you determine based on your needs which account type is best for you. If you need help obtaining your vital records so you can open a new bank account, simply go online and order from