Vital Records Online Adds Notarize Integration for Streamlining Vital Record Replacements

As more people switch to online digital solutions, integrating a simple, reliable, and safe online notarization service for obtaining vital records replacements is a convenience that saves people valuable time and money.

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We are excited to talk about the success of integrating Notarize, the leading service for online notarizations, into our vital record ordering process. 

Obtaining a birth certificate replacement is incredibly important if yours is lost or missing. Not only are birth certificates vital to have, but they are often necessary when applying for other vital records replacements. Suppose you live in a state that requires notarization for this process – it’s a necessary but lengthy and inconvenient task in the process that traditionally had to be completed in-person, face-to-face. Conveniently, our system utilizes for a seamless ordering process that’s available anytime, anywhere from any device.

Certain States and Municipalities Require Notarizations for Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificate Replacements

California, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, and New York City require notarizations for vital record replacements. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people turned to online alternatives to avoid visiting physical locations and completing tasks in-person, face-to-face. It has been more complicated to do things in person with closures, reduced staff availability, and lockdowns than ever before. As we move into a post-pandemic world, many local and state offices are still trying to catch up on the backlog of requests after reduced staff availability during the crisis. Digital solutions that can be done online from home are a fantastic solution to keep life moving forward amid constraints. 

Why Do I Need My Vital Record Application Notarized?

While passports and birth certificates are commonly accepted forms of identity verification, there are cases when vital record applications require notarization. The purpose is to further verify your identity and get consent from a signer.

A common scenario from one Vital Records Online customer, Tom Gardner, who needed a certified copy of his birth certificate — but he only had a photocopy. He found and completed his application online in just a few minutes. Afterward, he shared his story with us and stated, 

“Everything happened the way they said it would. It was totally easy. Even the notary setup. I was completely happy. Wow!”

~Tom Gardner, Vital Records Online customer

What Other Common Documents Need Notarization?

Here’s a shortlist of the documents that often need notarization, and keep in mind that requirements vary from state to state. Make sure to verify that you need a notarization before ordering your vital records.

  1. USPS Form 1583 (for Commercial mail receiving agencies – aka virtual mail)
  2. Applications (General)
  3. Vital Records Requests
  4. Affidavits
  5. Power of Attorney
  6. Court Documents
  7. Deeds
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. Spousal Consent Forms
  10. Leases
  11. Copy Certifications
  12. Bills of Sale
  13. Wills and Trusts
  14. DMV Forms
  15. Claims Forms

Some states also require a notary for birth certificate replacements if requested by a “Power of Attorney” (non-relative), a Legal Representative, or Legal Guardian with a court order.

Like, Notarize is available 24/7 to notarize your documents. To get started, you will only need to provide a valid form of identification and answer some knowledge-based authentication questions to validate your identity before being connected to a live notary. From start to finish, the process should take about 15 minutes.

Why Did Vital Records Online Choose Notarize as Their Online Notary Service?

We chose to integrate Notarize’s leading online notarization service for several compelling reasons: their regulatory compliance, brand trust, reliability, and attention to customer privacy and security. Knowing Notarize could handle our client volume was also imperative.

We are honored to provide a service that prioritizes customers and offers a unique solution to the many COVID-19 regulations that make it challenging to meet in person. Vital records replacement can now be done entirely online through the help of cutting-edge services like Notarize.

Notarize has already assisted in notarizing more than 50,000 applications with since 2019. Applying for certified vital record replacements has never been easier when using Vital Records Online. We provide:

  • Intelligent form-automation.
  • User-friendly checklists.
  • Comprehensive support.
  • Tracking for your documents from start to finish.

We guide you through the application process and connect you to Notarize to obtain your notarization in just moments. Notarize is the most reliable source, providing a quick, efficient, and seamless online notarization process.

Obtaining vital records can be arduous and time-consuming when using an ordinary records service. A person can spend hours in line at a municipal office and be unsuccessful and told to return with the proper documents and notarization. Why not use an online service like, with a database of paperwork and information needed when filling out applications? Vital Records Online’s database and their helpful representatives make the entire process smooth and effortless.

Speed and Ease When You Need It

At Vital Records Online, we’re constantly reshaping our application process to provide premier service to our customers when needing copies of their critical documents. We’ve worked with Notarize since 2019 since they are the most reliable source for U.S. citizens to order secure, affordable notarized copies of their vital records applications with our system.

Forget driving to the courthouse, Health Department, or going to an in-person notary public when applying for vital records. Today, you can do it all from the comfort of your home!