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Every U.S. passport book has a unique, 9-digit identifying number called a passport book number. It can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the second page of the passport.

On the second page, you can find other crucial details, such as the holder’s full name, date of birth, nationality, and passport expiration date. It plays a significant role in distinguishing one passport from another, especially in cases where different passport offices or authorities within the United States issue multiple passports.

The number can include both numbers and letters, which correspond to information about the passport holder and the passport itself. While the exact structure of the passport book number is not publicly disclosed for security reasons, it is designed to include specific information related to the passport’s issuance, tracking, and verification processes.

It is important to note that the U.S. passport book number, although an important identifier, does not replace the significance of the physical passport itself. The passport book number alone is insufficient for international travel or proof of identity. The physical passport, containing the passport book number, serves as the primary document required for crossing international borders and establishing one’s identity and nationality.

In cases where a U.S. passport book is lost, stolen, or damaged, individuals are required to follow the designated procedures for obtaining a replacement. This typically involves completing Form DS-11, the U.S. passport application form for first-time applicants, minors, or individuals seeking a replacement passport. The application process requires an in-person visit to an authorized passport acceptance facility or a regional passport agency. This personal appearance requirement ensures proper identity verification and the submission of the necessary documentation for obtaining a new U.S. passport book.

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