Step 3

Mail Forms to Local Office

Gather your documents and submit the request for vital records replacement.

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Home Delivery is mandatory for the following states that require a wet signature: Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan, and North Carolina.

✔️ VRO Includes a FedEx Envelope with prepaid postage, and a Money Order for the amount of the state’s fee.

For states that require Home Delivery, the following step is required:

  1. Sign Application
  2. Seal envelope and place in mailbox

Gather Your Required Documents

Make sure you have all the required documents by your state. When you order online with VRO, we provide all the necessary documents, a check or money order for the state fees, and a prepaid envelope for a successful vital records replacement application process.

Your only requirement is to include photocopies of your IDs, the check (or money order) provided for the state’s fee, and manually sign the pre-filled application with a pen (wet signature), and insert these in the prepaid envelope provided.

Submit Your Application Package

Locate the nearest USPS store and or drop box to mail your application.

Track Your Order

Learn how to track your vital records replacement order progress.

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