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The California Office of Health Information and Research maintains a registry called the California Birth Index (CABI). This database includes the birth records of every person whose birth was registered in California from 1905 to 1995.

While some people have claimed that the CABI raises this risk of identity theft, the database only includes the details provided on the short-form version of a person’s California birth certificate, which is already available to the general public. This includes the individual’s:

  • Full name at birth
  • Date and county of birth
  • Gender at birth
  • Mother’s maiden name

The CABI can be accessed online at You can search for any individual on record using their full name and gender at birth.

You may also be able to order a birth certificate replacement online if you need more information than provided by the CABI. A certified copy of the birth certificate, also known as a long-form birth certificate, will contain more detailed information about the individual. However, these records are typically restricted and can only be accessed by the person on record and their immediate family members.

Adopted Individuals in the CABI

It may be more challenging to find adopted individuals in the CABI since they may be listed under their birth name, adopted name, or both. However, they may not be in the CABI if their place of birth was changed or omitted after the adoption.

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