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The county clerk, also known as a court clerk, is responsible for maintaining vital records, public records, records of all governing body transactions, and other official records for a specific county. 

The county clerk position has existed for many decades and is one of the oldest local government positions. However, the exact responsibilities and appointment process vary by county and state. For example, a county clerk is an elected position in some counties, while in others, the clerk is simply appointed. In all areas, the primary responsibility of the county clerk includes filing vital records, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates. However, in smaller counties, the county clerk may also:

  • Maintain records of assumed names
  • File records of domestic partnerships
  • Issue and file marriage licenses, gun permits, and notary bonds
  • Process passports
  • File, keep and seal court documents
  • Preside over or participate in election functions
  • Maintain expenditure records and budget reports for county departments
  • Prepare the county books for auditing
  • Serve as a human resources officer for county employees

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