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Before you can get married, you must visit the county clerk’s office to apply for an official document called a marriage license. This document simply states that you and your partner are legally allowed to marry one another. After the ceremony, you, your spouse, and your officiant must sign the license and then submit it to the state or local government agency responsible for maintaining marriage records. 

Depending on your state, a marriage license can cost anywhere from $35 to $115. Different states also have unique requirements to obtain a license, as well as varying terms of use. In general, you will need your birth certificate and driver’s license to apply and proof of divorce if you or your partner has been married before. Some states also require both individuals to have a blood test done.

Most importantly, each state has a different waiting period and expiration date for marriage licenses. You will definitely want to contact the county clerk to find out more details on their terms of use for marriage licenses to make sure that yours will be valid at the time of your wedding.

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