Step 2

Place Your Order

Once your application is complete, review the included service features and select any additional add-ons while placing your order.

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❗️As of November 30th, 2023, all package options have been discontinued. VRO now offers an all-inclusive service with customizable options.

To place your order, start by reviewing what is included in the service details. Then, select any additional add-ons that meet your requirements, such as expedited processing, expedited return envelopes, application tracking, premium customer phone support, and insurance. Keep in mind that expedited processing and return envelopes come with complimentary application tracking. With your desired services and add-ons chosen, you can move forward to checkout to finalize your order.

Our service includes providing the correct application forms by reviewing over 3000 state and county applications to discover the fastest option for your request. We also fill out your application with the information you provide to prevent any errors. Moreover, we offer step-by-step instructions to guide you in completing your application and provide pre-paid envelopes, already addressed to the correct department, for secure mailing.

Select Premium Add-ons During Checkout

Expedited Processing$20
Expedited Return Enveloped$25
Application Tracking$19$0 (Free if Expedited Processing & Return Envelope are both selected)

$8 (If only Expedited Processing, or Expedited Return Envelope selected)
Premium Customer Phone Support$10

Home Delivery is mandatory for the following states that require a wet signature: Kentucky, Kansas, Tennessee, Iowa, Michigan, and North Carolina.

✔️ VRO Includes a FedEx Envelope with prepaid postage, and a Money Order for the amount of the state’s fee.

For states that require Home Delivery, the following step is required:

  1. Sign Application
  2. Seal envelope and place in mailbox

Complete Your Order

Add your billing details, credit card info, and provide a digital signature. Once your order is complete, you can login to track, review, or edit your application online.

Some states may ask you to notarize the application, and we provide all the information. Be sure to check your state’s requirements.