Step 2

Place Your Order

Once your application is complete, you’re ready to choose your package and complete your order.

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Choose the Ideal Package for You

You’re all done!

Complete your order, provide an e-signature, and skip step 3. Just wait for your vital record replacement in the mail.

All Packages Include

  • The correct application forms. We look over 3000 state and county applications to find the fastest option for your request.
  • We fill out your application with the information you provide us to avoid any mistakes.
  • Step-by-step explanations of what to do in order to complete your application.
  • Pre-paid envelopes, for secure mailing, already addressed to the right department.

Complete Your Order

Add your billing details, credit card info, and provide a digital signature. Once your order is complete, you can login to track, review, or edit your application online.

Some states may ask you to notarize the application, and we provide all the information. Be sure to check your state’s requirements.

If you chose the eDownload or Home Delivery Package, you are ready to complete the application process in Step 3 to get your vital records replacement.