What Kind of Identification Documents Do I Need to Obtain My Certified Vital Records?

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Firstly, all of the required identification documents you’ll need will be provided and delivered with your application download or packet delivered EXCEPT a photocopy of your ID. Therefore, you have to place a photocopy of your ID into the provided labeled envelope, and mail the envelope from your local post office.

Certain states requires a notarized sworn letter along with their vital record application. Above all, customers from these states must notarize the sworn letter inside their application packet or download. Then, they will have to mail it together with all other required documents. Instructions regarding how to have your sworn letter notarized are provided within the included instructions

For more on ID requirements please click link and choose which state you need the document from  https://www.vitalrecordsonline.com/support/requirements

If you were not able to find the answer you are looking for please contact us https://www.vitalrecordsonline.com/contact-us

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