Connecticut (CT) Vital Records

Vital Records Online, a US-based platform, guarantees a secure and simple process for ordering your Connecticut birth, marriage, and death certificates. Rest assured, your documents will be delivered safely, and your personal information will remain confidential.

History of Vital Records in Connecticut

Connecticut Government-Issued Vital Records

Connecticut, “the Constitution State,” has a population of 3.6 million. The Connecticut State Board of Health, now called the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CDPH), was established in 1878. The Vital Records Office (VR); maintains the statewide registries for births, deaths, marriages, and fetal deaths for all vital events occurring from July 1st, 1897, to the present. Each of Connecticut’s 169 towns operates a vital records office. Birth records are confidential and are not open to the public for 100 years. You can request a certified certificate if you are named on the certificate, a parent, guardian, grandparent, spouse, adult child, adult grandchild, or someone who can show cause. Anyone 18 years or older may order a marriage certificate.

If you’re doing genealogy research, the Vital Records Offices may be able to help or try the many available public archives. Find out what information they contain, where to obtain them, and how they are used.

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Get an original copy of a death certificate replacement for a lost record.

Why Do I Need Certified Copies of My Connecticut Vital Records?

Vital records play an essential role in our lives. These documents can prove identity, citizenship, and family relationships. They also aid in resolving legal disputes, claiming inheritances, and researching family history. They offer key details about your forebearers, including their full names, birth and death dates, and places of residence. If you lose any of these vital documents, you should inform the police and promptly request a certified copy. Vital records are indispensable for significant life milestones such as getting married, registering for school, joining the military, or obtaining a passport.

Where to Get Connecticut Vital Records

Every county is responsible for certifying and issuing vital records for birth, death, and marriages that occur within its jurisdiction. The complete directory below lists all Connecticut State Department of Health vital records-issuing agencies. The directory offers location details, contact information, and online applications for birth, death, and marriage certificate requests.

❗️ If you’re seeking ancestral records for genealogy research in Connecticut, they are freely available from various public archives.

Visiting Vital Records Office

  • Long waiting lines
  • Complex and tedious application process
  • Strict business hours and closed during holidays
  • Extremely busy phone line
  • No trackable application
  • Only checks and money orders

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Ordering Vital Records Online

  • No waiting in long lines
  • Simplified and streamlined application process
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Online assistance by specialists
  • Verification and error checking
  • Custom trackable application interface
  • Convenient fee payment by credit card

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How to Order Connecticut Vital Records

Connecticut residents can obtain vital records in various ways. Though in-person and mail requests are possible, online applications are the most dependable and accessible option. The Vital Records Offices under the Connecticut Department of Public Health are responsible for generating and certifying copies of vital records when the eligibility criteria are met, and the instructions are followed for each birth, death, and marriage certificate. Each vital record has unique requirements and conditions, but requesting a certificate is quite simple once these are understood.

The certificate you request and how you order will determine the eligibility criteria, requirements, and influences the total costs and processing time. It’s essential to understand the process and terms before requesting a certified copy of a vital record from a CDPH Vital Records Office, regardless of whether you do it by mail, online, or in person.

Ordering Online

Ordering Connecticut Vital Records online is quick and effortless and involves two simple steps:

  1. Complete the online application and upload your documents, and
  2. process your order.

Eligible individuals can conveniently request a Connecticut birth, death, or marriage certificate online. Before you begin your request, ensure you have the required documents ready for uploading during the secure application process.

Vital Records Online’s platform assists with gathering, generating, and securely submitting the documents required to request certified copies of vital records. The system guides how and where to submit your application and documents and complete the entire application from any internet-enabled device in as little as five minutes. Vital Records Online also helps to prevent application rejection due to typical errors or missing documents.

✔︎ First-Class mail tracking is included with every online application.

✔︎ Additional copies of your certified vital records can be purchased for the state’s fee during the online application to save future costs.

✔︎ Vital Records Online’s support team manages scanning, printing, and providing an online notary for your application and documents. Learn more about how the online ordering and premium handling process works.

Order In-Person or by Mail

If you live close to the State Vital Records Office or a Town Vital Records Office, you can apply in person for certified copies of vital records. Just ensure the office is open and be prepared for potentially long lines. Alternatively, ordering by mail or online could save you time and hassle.

The steps are generally the same whether you apply for vital records in person or by mail. If you choose to apply in person at the vital records office, prepare to complete the following steps:

  • gathering your documents;
  • getting photocopies of your documents;
  • completing the correct form; and,
  • presenting everything to the health department during regular business hours.

Additionally, by mail, you will need the following:

  • purchasing an envelope;
  • including a physical check or a money order, and
  • issuing it to the DPH-State Vital Records Office.

❗️ To avoid your application being denied due to mistakes or incomplete information, review the requirements for each vital record before mailing it.

❗️ Ensure that your documents, application, and payment are submitted to the correct health department that issues certified copies of the preserved original record.

❗️ If you mail your application and documents manually, it is recommended to purchase mail tracking to confirm their arrival at the correct office.


It is crucial to carefully review the terms and requirements before collecting the required documents for your vital record application.

Proof of Identity for Verifying Authorization

The table below outlines the necessary documents and information to order certified copies of Connecticut vital records. If you do not possess a valid ID, you can submit two forms of secondary ID.

If you are requesting a certified birth certificate, you are required by the Connecticut Department of Public Health to verify your identity by providing a valid, government-issued ID (such as a driver’s license or passport) or two secondary forms of identity accepted by the CDPH.

If you are requesting a death or marriage certificate, it is only necessary to provide proof of identity if you are requesting a copy that contains the social security number(s) of the individual(s) on record.

What Documents Are Required to Order Vital Records in Connecticut?

The State Vital Records Office sets distinct criteria for each certificate type and individual circumstance. Refer to the Department of Public Health’s website for complete information regarding eligibility and requirements for replacing birth, death, and marriage certificates in Connecticut.

CertificateRequired InformationID Requirements OptionsSecondary IDs
Birth CertificateDate of Birth,
Full Name of Person of Record,
Mailing Address,
Parent Names Before Marriage,
Phone Number,
Place of Birth,
Your Name,
Your Relationship to the Person of Record,
Your Signature
Valid Government IDBank Statement,
Birth Certificate,
College ID,
Expired Government Issued ID,
Letter from Government Agency,
Military Discharge,
Pay Stub,
Paycheck Stub,
Probation Documents,
Release Documents from Correction Institution,
Social Security Card,
Trade License,
Utility Bill,
Vehicle Registration,
Voter Registration Card,
Weapon Permit,
Work ID
Death CertificateDate of Death,
Father's Name,
Full Name of Person of Record,
Mailing Address,
Mother's Name,
Place of Birth,
Place of Death,
Spouse Name,
Your Name,
Your Relationship to the Person of Record,
Your Signature
Valid Government ID
Marriage CertificateBride's Name Before Marriage,
Date of Marriage,
Groom Name Before Marriage,
Mailing Address,
Phone Number,
Place of Marriage,
Your Name,
Your Relationship to the Person of Record,
Your Signature
Driver's License, Passport

Who is Authorized to Order

Who can request vital records in Connecticut?

The individual on record can apply for a certified copy of their vital records. To do so, they must verify their identity during the application process.

If you request a vital record for another person, verify your eligibility to ensure you are authorized. In Connecticut, anyone over 18 can request certified copies of a death or marriage certificate. No proof of identity or relationship to the certificate holder is required unless you request a copy that displays the individual’s social security number on record. Birth certificates are restricted to third parties with some form of relationship, family or legal, to the certificate holder, where identification and proof of relationship are required.

CertificateAuthorized People
Birth CertificateAttorneys, Children, Grandparents, Legal Guardian, Parents, Person on Record
Death CertificateFuneral Director (only for copies with SSN), Heir, Spouse
Marriage CertificatePerson on Record (only for copies with SSN)

✔︎ If you can provide documentation of legal interest or hold a Power of Attorney from the person on record, you are eligible to request the vital record for that person.

Notarized Sworn Statement

Do I need a notary with my application?

In Connecticut, notarized statements or signatures are not required when requesting certified copies of birth, death, or marriage certificates, regardless of whether the request is ordered online, by mail, or in person. The DPH only requires notarized statements when requesting an amendment to a record.

Costs and Fees

The associated costs for requesting vital record certificates depend on the DPH’s fees for each type of certificate and how and where you submit your request.

If you order your vital records certificates through Vital Records Online, the online Application Assistant starts at $29. The State Vital Records office will charge a fee of $30.00 ($20.00 for in-person orders) for each certified birth certificate and $20.00 for each certified death or marriage certificate.

✔︎ Additional copies can be requested during the same order to save future costs in case your vital records are lost, destroyed, or stolen.

CertificateFeeAdditional CopyRush State Fee
Birth Certificate$30.00$30.00Not Available
Death Certificate$20.00$20.00Not Available
Marriage Certificate$20.00$20.00Not Available

Vital Records Online Logo processing fee is $29.

Processing and Delivery Times

How long will it take to receive my vital records from Connecticut?

The processing times for requesting replacement birth, death, or marriage certificates can vary depending on the type of certificate needed, the required documents, the submission method, and the location.

CertificateProcessing TimeRush Processing Time
Birth Certificateapproximately six (6) to eight (8) weeksNot Available
Death Certificateapproximately six (6) to eight (8) weeksNot Available
Marriage Certificateapproximately six (6) to eight (8) weeksNot Available

❗️ A simple error, typo, or missing document can cause wait times to double, repeat shipping costs, or expose personal information.

How to Track My CT Vital Record?

When using Vital Records Online for your application, you can monitor the progress of your application processing and shipment. First-class mail tracking is included with every order to ensure your application packet arrives successfully at the correct Connecticut Health Department location.

If you manually mail your application packet to the Vital Records Office, it is recommended to purchase first-class mail tracking to confirm when your application has been successfully received. The Vital Records Office ships all certified vital records securely via first-class mail. However, they are not accountable for misdirected or undelivered certificates. If your birth certificate goes missing, report it promptly. Be aware that a minor mistake, typo, or missing document can lead to delays, additional shipping charges, or potential exposure of your personal records.

Find more frequently asked questions below the Connecticut counties office locations directory.

Connecticut (CT) Vital Record Office Locations

Local Vital Records offices may be closed to the public.

Online Applications are available 24 hrs, 365 days per year.

Search (A-Z) Connecticut vital records issuing agencies in your county.
Address Hours Application
(DPH-State Vital Records Office)

CT Department of Public Health,
State Vital Records Office, 

410 Capitol Avenue, 1st Floor,
Hartford, CT 06106

Phone: (860) 509-7700

Mailing Address:

Connecticut Department of Public Health,
Vital Records Section,
Customer Services, MS # 11 VRS, 

P.O. Box 340308,
Hartford, CT 06134-0308

Walk-ins: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Phone: Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
Fairfield County
611 Old Post Road
Fairfield, CT 06824
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
Hartford County
450 Main Street
Suite A012
Hartford, CT 06103
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
Litchfield County
74 West Street
Litchfield, Connecticut, 06759
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
New Haven County
165 Church Street
New Haven, Connecticut, 06510
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
New London County
181 State Street
New London, CT 06320
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
Middlesex County
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
Tolland County
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
Windham County
Birth Certificate Death Certificate Marriage Certificate
❗️ Displays the first 20 counties. Use the search to find your county.
Find additional Connecticut Vital Records locations at

Other Frequently Asked Questions


If you file your vital record copy with a foreign government, you will need an apostille seal to verify the certificate’s authenticity. This authentication can be requested for birth, death, and marriage certificates initially filed with the Connecticut Department of Health’s Vital Records Office.

How can I get an apostille for a vital record?

For obtaining apostilles for Connecticut vital records, you can obtain them online via Vital Records Online or directly through the office of the Secretary of State.

Vital Records Online is a trusted provider of authorized apostille services in all 50 US states. We offer endorsement services for Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Certificates, ensuring their legal validity in over 100 countries. With professional support and a simple three-step online process, you can obtain these services for a starting price of $149 (plus government fees).

  1. Complete the Apostille Express online application.
  2. Submit the required documents for approval.
  3. Receive your apostille document.

Whether you reside in the U.S. or live overseas, you can complete the application entirely online from any location, eliminating the need for shipping physical documents. Once your document is prepared, we utilize recognized courier services like FedEx and DHL to ship it directly to your doorstep.

If you are manually sending your certificates, you will need to provide the following:

  1. Original Document, or a copy (1) accompanied by a written statement affirming that the copy is true and accurate; (2) sworn to and signed before a Connecticut Notary Public (certified vital record certificates do not need to be notarized)
  2. Completed Authentication Order Form
  3. Payment of $40 per authentication

You can submit requests for vital record apostilles to the DPH-State Vital Records Office CT Secretary of State at the following addresses:

For express shipping (UPS, DHL, or Federal Express), submit the request to the physical address:

Secretary of the State,
Authentications and Apostilles,
165 Capitol Avenue, Suite 1000,
Hartford, CT 06106 

For standard mail (ONLY US Postal Service Mail), use the following address:

Secretary of the State,
Authentications and Apostilles,
PO Box 150470,
Hartford, CT 06115-0470

You can reach the office at (860) 509-6002 or online at

Correcting or Amending Vital Records

If you need to make a change or correction to a birth, death, or marriage certificate, you will need to contact the Vital Records Office in the town where the event occurred. An amendment is required when a vital record is changed, and all amendment requests must be accompanied by proper documentation. No entity can alter the original document, so any changes are made as addendums.

The requirements for requesting an amendment vary depending on which certificate needs to be changed, what changes need to be made, and where the certificate was filed. The procedure can vary, typically, requests to correct or amend vital records will require the following:

  1. A completed amendment application;
  2. Supporting documentation (including a notarized affidavit affirming that the existing record is incorrect or incomplete and that the newly provided information is accurate).

Learn more about correcting or amending birth, death, and marriage certificates.


  • The DMV prefers a birth certificate when verifying your identity for the REAL ID;
  • The deadline to obtain a Real ID has been extended to May 7th, 2025.

The REAL ID Act is a new federal law regarding driver’s licenses that may affect those individuals whose vital records do not match their driver’s licenses. To prevent delays when applying for your Real ID driver’s license, you are encouraged to review your birth and/or marriage to ensure your name, sex, and date of birth are listed correctly.

Search Public Records

Where can I search for free public records?

Connecticut birth certificates become public records after 100 years, but death and marriage certificates are unrestricted. If you are at least 18 years old and have the information needed to request the record, you can pay the fee and obtain a copy of any death or marriage certificate. It can be challenging to find free public records, but many vital records in Connecticut are freely accessible to the public. If you can devote the time to browse, you can search Connecticut’s archives of birth, marriage, and divorce records to find the information you want.

Are Connecticut Vital Records Open to the Public?

In Connecticut, the majority of state records are open to the public. However, accessibility varies depending on the type of certificate you’re looking for and the year the event took place.

Various third-party websites can facilitate your vital records research. These websites are good reference points, as they allow you to research specific types of vital records and are typically not limited by geographic location. Note: the data on these websites may differ from official government records. To search for a record on a third-party website, you will need to provide the following information:

  • The location of the record you’re looking for, including the city, county, or state where it was recorded.
  • The name of the person on record, if it is not a minor.

Connecticut residents have the right to inspect or obtain copies of public vital records under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act.

How to Verify if Your Vital Record is Official

Vital record certificates can vary by state, county, and municipality. To confirm that your certificate is a certified copy, you can check what the official, certified documents look like in the county where yours was issued.

What Are the Differences between Authorized Copies Versus Informational Copies?

In Connecticut, there are visual differences between Authorized Copies of Vital Records and Informational Copies. Authorized Copies are official certified copies of the original record and can be used to establish identity. They have the raised seal of the issuing authority and are printed on security paper. On the other hand, Informational Copies are not valid for establishing identity and are typically marked as “Informational, Not a Valid Document to Establish Identity” or something similar. These copies are often used for informational purposes and do not contain the raised seal or security features found on Authorized Copies.

Authorized Copy: 

Certified copies of vital records are official identification documents that require proof of eligibility and a “direct and tangible interest” in the document. They can be used as official identification and may contain sensitive information such as social security numbers. Obtaining certified copies can be more difficult compared to informational copies, which are uncertified and cannot be used as official identification.

When requesting a certified birth certificate or a certified death or marriage certificate that includes social security numbers, it is necessary to provide valid identification. Without proper verification of identity, the request will be rejected and returned without processing.

Informational Copy: 

Informational copies of vital records in Connecticut are uncertified and cannot be used as official identification. They are typically easier to acquire compared to certified copies. Informational copies do not require proof of eligibility or a “direct and tangible interest” in the document. They may have limitations on their use and may not be accepted for certain legal purposes. They are sometimes referred to as “Uncertified copies” or “commemorative documents” of vital records.

No paperwork is necessary to obtain informational copies of a public vital record. Under the Connecticut Freedom of Information Act, citizens have the right to inspect and obtain copies of public records.

Find more references regarding birth, death, and marriage certificates in the resources section.

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